AWS U7i Instances Change In-Memory Computing

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) U7i instances with up to 32 TiB of DDR5 memory and 896 vCPUs are now available, having been unveiled in preview

Amazon is the first major cloud service to support AMD, Intel, and Arm CPUs, offer on-demand EC2 Mac instances, and have 400 Gbps Ethernet networking

AWS supports more workloads related to Windows, SAP, the HPC, and machine learning than any other cloud

The AWS Nitro System, the core of Amazon's next generation of EC2 instances, enabling AWS to innovate faster, cut client costs, and offer more instance types and security

Amazon can rapidly and efficiently develop EC2 instance types with growing computing, storage, memory, and networking capabilities with the Nitro System

Enhanced security is offered by the Nitro System, which continuously checks, safeguards, and validates the firmware and hardware of the instance

By supporting older EC2 instances, the AWS Nitro System can extend operation beyond hardware lifespan