Azure AI Health Bot makes copiloting safe

In response to demand, many healthcare companies are creating intelligent and entertaining chat experiences using generative AI and LLMs for healthcare copilots

The healthcare industry has high standards, so chat interactions must use domain-specific models and health-specific protections

These demands are being met by implementing new generative AI safety measures for the healthcare industry in a closed preview for Azure AI Health Bot services

Healthcare companies can create copilot experiences with Microsoft Copilot Studio integrations that preview customers can explore

There are pre-built healthcare intelligence plugins, templates, content, connections, capabilities, use cases, and scenarios

Power solutions from customer resources. The copilot experience integrates sources, skills, protocol-based pre-built processes, and descriptive scenarios

Generative responses based on reliable healthcare sources will be included into new healthcare intelligence tools

Healthcare-specific compliance measures include pre-installed permission management, integrated DSRs, automatic audit trails, and more