Azure AI Search speeds up generative AI search 11x

With just one search instance, users can scale their generative AI applications to a multi-billion vector index without sacrificing efficiency or speed

For the management of their mission-critical enterprise search and generative AI applications, more than half of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure AI Search

Azure AI Search supports ChatGPT, GPTs, and the Assistant API RAG capabilities and searches the GPT Store

Teams in the professional services, healthcare, and telecommunications industries have found that vector search alone is useless for generating generative AI applications

Platform for RAG, Azure AI Search helps developers create generative AI apps and great search experiences by combining enterprise data with huge language models

Utilise cutting-edge deep learning models from Bing and Microsoft Research to give your apps results that are pertinent and contextual

Azure Open AI service, allows you to retrieve enterprise data from knowledge bases using conversational language

Utilize the integration features offered by Azure AI services, such as Speech, Vision, Language, and Azure Open AI Service, to enhance the conversion of unstructured, raw data