Azure AI Whisper now widely available

In order to assist clients in making sense of their voice data, Azure AI provides an industry-leading portfolio of AI services

Specifically, their speech-to-text service via Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI Speech provides a range of unique features

Developers can use OpenAI’s Whisper speech to text model to transcribe audio files

Azure's enterprise-readiness assurance, developers may use the public Whisper API in Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI Speech services for production workloads

Azure OpenAI Service, developers can run Azure AI Whisper model, which replicates its features, such as quick processing, multilingual support, and transcription and translation abilities

For workloads and use-cases that require speed, OpenAI Whisper in the Azure OpenAI Service is the best option for processing smaller files

Azure AI Speech batch transcription API and OpenAI’s Whisper model can be used by users of Azure AI Speech