Balance Agility and Data Protection with XaaS Security

XaaS means “Everything as a Service” or “Anything”. It refers to the expanding trend of cloud computing to distribute IT resources, tools, and services online

Cloud-based delivery: It services are offered online without software or hardware installs

Wide range of services: XaaS includes everything from SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS to more specific offerings like DRaaS and Desktop as a Service

Cost savings: Businesses just pay for what they use, eliminating upfront hardware and software expenses

Simplified Management: The supplier maintains infrastructure, letting IT workers focus on strategy

Vendor lock-in: Switching XaaS providers can be complicated and require data migration

According to a recent IDC study, 85% of CEOs questioned stated that strategic differentiators like digital capabilities are essential for speeding up revenue development

With the help of this platform, businesses can efficiently develop responsible data and AI workflows, scale workloads, and train, validate, optimise, and implement AI models