Begin Samsung Pin App: Increase Security

We carry Samsung phones all the time, but how frequently do they end up in the hands of other people?

Pin App and Maintenance Mode prevent prying. You can manage what others can view on your device regardless of who has access.

Consider Pin App to be your own personal app bouncer, preventing users from accessing areas they aren’t supposed to.

Pin App is simple and quick to set up. Just navigate to Security and Privacy under Settings

A cracked screen or broken charging port may require many of us to send samsung phones to a third-party repair shop

You can access this mode via the Samsung Members app or by going to Settings on the device, where you must select Device Care before selecting Maintenance Mode

Samsung Knox offers multiple levels of privacy and security, allowing customers to choose what they wish to keep private

While there are many elements outside of your control, Samsung strives to provide you maximum control over your privacy