Bulletproofing Education: K12 IT Data Security

Hernan London, Chief Technology and Innovation Strategist for Education at Dell Technologies, stated, “they conducted a survey of K12 IT

Cyber audits and cyber threat hunting can be used to safeguard K–12 data and systems

Chris Woehl, Executive Director of Technology and Information Services for the Lake Travis Independent School District (ISD) in Texas, stated in a webinar on modernising K–12 technology

CISA also wants K–12 educational software providers to make a “voluntary pledge” to focus on cybersecurity-focused product development

The Dell Technologies poll found that K12 IT decision-makers prioritised threat detection and response and employee, student, and community data protection

Schools are forced to strike a compromise between enhancing cybersecurity and accessibility due to the evolving threat landscape

Spending on training pays off. Districts have trained staff to recognise common cybersecurity attacks like phishing to prevent attacks at the point of access

The upcoming generation of technologists is being trained via other initiatives, such the Dell Student Tech Crew