Caliptra OCP improves data centre chip security

In order to improve chip security, Google collaborated with AMD, Microsoft, and NVIDIA to create the Caliptra standard at the Open Compute Project

Caliptra will eventually cover all chips, with an initial focus on hardware implementations used in secret computing

The team went above and beyond a defined specification to produce an open-source implementation at the CHIPS Alliance in response to the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyberattacks

The end product is an intellectual property (IP) block at the silicon level that can be included into CPUs, GPUs, and SSDs in the future

Google cloud is happy to announce the completion of the Caliptra definition and the reaching of the revision 1.0 milestone for the open-source hardware and software implementation

Caliptra community is still expanding and currently consists of organisations with substantial domain experience in SoC design automation, firmware, and verification

Caliptra has already established itself as a superior specification and implementation that tackles a challenging issue related to security