Cerence's CaLLM: Advanced AI for Your Car

The creation of Cerence’s automotive-specific Cerence Automotive Large Language Model, or CaLLM, is the cornerstone of the company’s mission

CaLLM satisfies a number of vital requirements as automakers and mobility OEMs seek to deploy generative AI and LLMs to enhance the user experience

NVIDIA technology, Cerence, AI for a world in motion, today unveiled CaLLM, a groundbreaking large language model designed specifically for automobiles

Operating on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform, Cerence’s next-generation in-car computing platform is built upon the CaLLM

Using NVIDIA DGX Cloud and NVIDIA DGX systems, Cerence will initially train CaLLM on its large dataset before developing the features needed for in-car user experiences

A groundbreaking in-car computing platform from NVIDIA uses its vertical tech stack to help customers execute activities across applications through a unified conversational interface

Cerence’s innovative in-car computing platform is built on top of CaLLM, which plays a crucial role in creating the cars of the future