Cityscapes Sim Builder with Vision pro for Apple Arcade

The boisterous racing game Warped Kart Racers, which is now available on the service

Players get a fresh perspective on the city and may now effectively administer it as mayors, making important decisions that affect the wellbeing of their populace

These games are available on Apple Arcade among over a dozen other spatial games, such as Solitaire Stories, Where Cards Fall

The Liberation game mode, support for game controllers, and daily runs to compete with friends on the Game Centre leaderboards are all added in this version

A new hero named Rosalia, equipped with lasers, grenades, and a jet pack, has been added to the well-known tower defence game

Apple Arcade is a membership service that offers a vast selection of unique games to iOS users, and it has completely changed the gaming business

These games raise the bar for interactive enjoyment in addition to reinventing mobile gaming