Claude 3 Haiku: Anthropic's fastest and newest model

Anthropic are pleased to present Claude 3 Haiku, the quickest and least expensive model in its intelligence class, today

For their Claude Pro customers, the model is currently accessible on and in the Claude API alongside Sonnet and Opus

It produces fast output, allowing multiple small chores and engaging conversation

With a 1:5 input-to-output token ratio, Haiku’s pricing model was created for business workloads, which often need lengthier prompts

Haiku can quickly analyze large amounts of documents like contracts, court cases, and quarterly reports for half the cost of comparable models in its performance tier

Claude 3 Haiku places a high priority on enterprise-grade security and robustness in addition to speed and cost

Listen to Neerav Kingsland, Anthropic’s Head of Global Accounts, talk about the benefits that organizations worldwide may get from Claude’s availability on Amazon Bedrock