Claude 3 Sonnet on Amazon Bedrock, Google Cloud

Amazon Bedrock offers Anthropic’ s Claude 3 Sonnet foundation model

The partnership combined their respective technological prowess and knowledge of safer generative artificial intelligence (AI)

Amazon Bedrock made Anthropic’s Claude 2.1 available in November 2023. This tool gives businesses essential tools to develop generative AI

Claude 3 Haiku: The smallest and quickest model made by Anthropic

Claude 3 Opus: The most advanced and wisest model produced by Anthropic

AI systems with heightened steerability provide customers more control over outputs and consistently produce better results

Use cases such as content creation, categorization, data extraction, and precise searching across knowledge bases are included in this

Google Cloud is to enable client choice and creativity by providing Vertex AI with a carefully selected selection of first-party, open-source, and third-party models