Compute Engine N4 and C4 VMs improve performance

The first machine series from a major cloud provider, the C4 and N4, are driven by Google’s Titanium

C4 and N4 provide the best possible combination of cost-effectiveness and performance for a wide range of general-purpose workload requirements

N4 has up to 39% higher price-performance for My SQL workloads and 75% better for Java applications than N2

N4 additionally offers 4x more preconfigured shapes at significantly bigger sizes up to 80 vCPUs and 640GB of DDR5 RAM

Google-exclusive dynamic resource management supports YouTube, Ads, and Search workloads on Google cloud worldwide infrastructure

C4’s Titanium technology provides up to 80% greater CPU responsiveness than prior generations for real-time applications

Titanium gives C4 scalable, high-performance I/O with 500k IOPS, 10 GB/s Hyperdisk throughput, and 200 Gbps networking13

Combining C4 and N4 offers you flexible options to mix and combine machine instances according to your various workloads