COMPUTEX MSI Launches DIY PC Cases and Power Supplies

Besides AMD Ryzen 9000 desktop processors, MSI X870 motherboards have COMPUTEX MSI's latest DIY ideas

The SSD installation and removal process is made quick and easy with the help of the EZ M.2 Clip II

CAMM2 may replace SO-DIMM in laptops by using a compression connector on the back that fits into a tiny vertical socket

Thunderbolt 4, with up to 40Gbps, ensures lag-free performance even with huge multimedia files

The first MSI liquid cooler to employ the UNI Bracket, the MAG CORELIQIOD I Series, has several DIY designs for easy installation

COMPUTEX MSI takes great pleasure in its outstanding motherboards and amazing AIO liquid cooling systems

MSI is pleased to present the new MPG GS Series power supply, which complies with ATX 3.1 specifications and has two 12V-2×6 connections