Cooling Champion TUF Gaming GT302 ARGB comes

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It comes ready for excellent cooling right out of the box, is equipped for broad compatibility with high-performance components

To achieve a superb balance between performance and silent operation, most PC builders spend a lot of money on cooling

The front panel is the initial part of this, with its primary goal being to optimize airflow efficiency

It is made of a high-porosity, wide-open square-type mesh that allows a lot of fresh air to enter a PC

High-end GPU builders may struggle with mid-tower chassis that cannot fit larger components

The front USB Type-C connector is wired for speed; to access extraordinary transfer rates, add a motherboard with a USB 20 Gbps Type-C header

That duration is sufficient to manage even the powerful ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090

A user may install cards up to 125 mm thick if they want to do so in a vertical arrangement