CORSAIR 3500X Series: Next-Level PC Performance

CORSAIR Introduces the 3500X Series Cases, Bringing Together Excellent Performance and Modern Design

CORSAIR 3500X Mid-Tower Glass PC Case is the perfect solution for your next adventure

The 3500X has a roomy interior that can accommodate the majority of large graphics cards and air coolers

For a modern  PC, robust cooling is essential, and the CORSAIR 3500X shines with side, roof, and PSU fan mounts to cover all the bases

The tempered glass panels on the front and sides of the CORSAIR 3500X, which give it its distinctive appearance, are quickly and simply replaceable

More than enough room exists in the CORSAIR 3500X to support and cool even the largest construction

A favourite among  PC enthusiasts and gamers, the CORSAIR 3500X Mid-Tower  PC Case boasts an exceptional cooling performance