Corsair A115 Twin Tower CPU Air Cooler: Powerful & silent

With the release of the Corsair A115 Twin Tower CPU Air Cooler today, that is intended to challenge the current air cooling kings, such as the Frost Commander 140 from Thermal right and the Assassin IV from Deep Cool

Two Corsair AF140 Elite 140mm fans and a dual-tower heatsink Mounting for contemporary Intel and AMD platforms

Installation of Thermal Paste Pre-applied PWM splitter cable LGA 1700

Six copper heatpipes are used in Corsair A115 Twin Tower CPU Air Cooler to transfer heat, and pre-applied thermal paste makes installation simpler

Corsair’s A116 features dual-tower heatsinks with jagged fins to increase surface area and divert heat away from your CPU in addition to six copper heatpipes

If you would prefer to use a different model of fan instead of the included AF140 fans, you can simply install the slider brackets on other fans

You won’t be able to push the fan all the way down if one of the fans is overhanging the RAM, unless the RAM is shorter than 40mm