CORSAIR MP600 Elite 2 TB NVMe SSD Compatibility

Game and app loading is quicker with the Corsair MP600 Elite than with a SATA SSD

The Corsair MP600 Elite might make your system seem quicker and snappier

The Corsair MP600 Elite is ideal for creative professionals that work with huge files like images and films

The cheaper MP600GS can read and write at 4,800 and 4,500 MB/s, while the Pro XT can read and write at 7,100 and 6,800

Corsair claims 7000 MB7s read and 6500 MB/s write for the MP600 Elite, just below the MP600 Pro XT

Corsair uses soft, sticky pads to dissipate the 5 to 7 watts peak (measured) at maximum load from the top

The Corsair MP600 Elite deliberately uses the smaller and cheaper Phison E27 instead of the faster Phison E18