Counter-Strike 2 integrates AMD Radeon Anti Lag 2

AMD Radeon Anti-Lag, an in-driver technology, reduces click-to-response latency for faster gaming in 2019. It has since become one of AMD’s most popular software capabilities

A more recent iteration of this technology, Radeon   Anti-Lag+, was unveiled in the AMD Software. Adrenalin Edition programme last year, resulting in even lower latency

AMD is pleased to inform you that AMD Radeon Anti Lag 2, AMD’s improved latency reduction technology, has returned

In order to incorporate AMD Radeon Anti Lag 2 into Counter-Strike 2, AMD has worked closely with Valve

By ensuring that the CPU pace is in sync with the GPU, Radeon Anti-Lag technology minimises the amount of CPU work that is left unfinished

AMD has already discussed how AMD Radeon Anti Lag 2 can provide the best possible low-latency gaming experience for Counter-Strike 2

Requires graphics powered by the AMD RDNA architecture, which includes both discrete and integrated GPUs