CPU Voltage Drop: Intel 14th Gen Non-K CPUs Disable CEP

Many consumers try lowering the CPU voltage in an effort to cool their Intel 14th Gen CPUs

CEP is activated when the CPU voltage is attempted to be lowered, which results in a significant drop in CPU performance

Manually reducing the CPU Voltage applied to the CPU is known as undervolting

Non-K series CPUs do not permit deactivating CEP, although K-series CPUs when combined with Z chipset series motherboards have long supported this feature

You may decrease the CPU temperature via lowered CPU Voltage without sacrificing CPU speed by simply turning off CEP in the BIOS

For enthusiasts who want to fine-tune their systems for ideal thermals, turning off CEP on 14th generation non-K CPUs offers up new possibilities

Undervolting and changing BIOS settings may cause your CPU warranty to expire. Before moving on, confirm the policy with your manufacturer