DDI solution: DDI DNS DHCP and IPAM solutions

The very short answer to “What is DDI?” is that it stands for DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM).

Customers are used to thinking of firewalls as the wall separating internal systems that are only accessible by authorized personnel from the network components

Because it’s one less system to maintain, most network administrators use DDI solutions for authoritative DNS

A DDoS attack could bring down both sides of your network if your authoritative DNS is hosted on the same servers and systems as your internal DDI solution

Unfortunately, most businesses won’t spend money on defensive countermeasures or server capacity necessary to withstand a sizable DDoS attack

Steering traffic based on geography or other factors is either extremely difficult or impossible DDI solutions aren’t designed to do that

DDI vendors acknowledge that a portion of their clientele demands authoritative DNS use cases, so they grudgingly support them

Deploying a DDI solution for authoritative DNS is comparable to creating your own authoritative solution in terms of infrastructure