Deep dive into Azure’s DDoS attacks landscape for 2023

Together with joy and festivities, the 2023 holiday season also brought with it a spike in Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.

Daily Attack Volume: A maximum of 3,500 attacks per day were automatically mitigated by Azure’s strong security infrastructure

UDP-based attacks, which accounted for 78% of the attacks during the 2023 holiday season, were primarily directed towards web applications and gaming workloads.

Attack that broke all previous records: An astounding UDP attack that peaked at 1.5 terabits per second (Tbps) was directed towards an Asian gaming client.

Botnet evolution: Over the past year, more and more cybercriminals have used cloud resources- virtual machines in particular for DDoS attacks.

Stressor’s are still in demand despite these efforts because they provide a variety of attack techniques and power, with some being able to launch attacks as fast as 1.5 Tbps

The cloud is our best defense when an attack involves tens of thousands of devices because it has the scale necessary to mitigate the largest attacks

Due to the increased risk of DDoS attacks, a DDoS protection service like Azure DDoS Protection is essential