Dell describes Microsoft Copilot requirements

GenAI, unlike any technology Dell has seen in decades, is intended to revolutionise workplace workflows and jobs

Since they interact with existing workflows and platforms, Microsoft Copilot solutions can quickly install GenAI technologies across an organisation

Managers, content creators, and knowledge workers may boost efficiency and automate tasks with the Microsoft 365 copilot

There are common best practices even though Microsoft Copilot’s services serve to distinct use cases and commercial applications

Use case descriptions are often ignored in Microsoft Copilot deployment plans, which can lower productivity and usage after the novelty wears off

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) or other orchestration technologies allow Microsoft Copilot's big language model to use organisational data

Microsoft Copilot implementation has numerous moving pieces, but increasing uptake and giving users the tools they need will be crucial

Create a unique multimodal communication plan and show leadership to promote Copilot across roles and organisations