Dell/Intel Immersion Cooling for Green Computing

Immersion cooling, also known as liquid submersion cooling, is the process of immersing entire servers  

computer components in a liquid that conducts heat but not electricity

This creative method of cooling servers or IT gear eliminates the need for fans, and the heat exchange between the cool water circuit 

Several Cray-2 and Cray T90 extreme-density supercomputers remove heat using sizable liquid-to-chilled heat exchangers

Fluid used needs to have a low enough electrical conductivity to prevent interference with the computer’s regular operation

It might be essential to insulate specific areas of components that are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, like the CPU, if the fluid has some electrical conductivity

Single-phase coolant is a liquid that never boils or freezes and never changes its state Heat is transferred from a cooler water circuit to a heat exchanger via the pumping of coolant

Immersion Cooling in Two Phases Also known as flow boiling or evaporative cooling The working fluid in two-phase cooling can be in either a liquid or gaseous state