Dell Native Edge: Key to Edge AI Innovation

Dell Native Edge enhances Dell's partner ecosystem and simplifies edge AI application development and deployment by connecting with ServiceNow's Now Platform

With the help of this integration, companies can effectively expand their IT operations from the main data centre to the edge

With the release of Dell Native Edge’s Azure Arc enabling automation, the edge’s pace is further accelerated

The integration’s main goals are to improve edge AI capabilities, streamline edge operations, and offer all-encompassing security using Zero Trust security principles

Dell unveiled six new NativeEdge solutions for ISVs in manufacturing, retail, and digital cities to boost business outcomes and edge use cases

It combines numerous city systems and optimises infrastructure and urban management safely and data-drivenly using Astrikos AI, Dell Native Edge, and Aveva's experience

Dell Native Edge now supports application deployment on bare-metal containers for enhanced performance, scalability, and security