Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliances

Dell Technologies offers a state-of-the-art solution that not only meets these issues head-on but also lowers expenses while increasing productivity

Modern data deduplication technology is included in the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance, an integrated data protection appliance that scales to 256TB of useable storage

The data reduction technology of the Data Manager Appliance is not your typical feature; rather, it is a game-changer in storage efficiency

With the PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance, you can say goodbye to outdated protection and welcome to modern, reliable, easy-to-use security

To manage backups and restorations across different workloads, the appliance provides an automated process and a single user interface

Security: Pre-installed tools like access control and encryption help shield your data from online threats.

Self-service options: By enabling data owners to handle backups and restorations on their own, the pressure on IT is reduced

Integration: Provides a complete solution by integrating with cloud storage alternatives and other Dell devices