Dell PowerScale F910 AI Max Density

Dell Technology presented each of its AI-optimized infrastructure components for the Dell AI Factory, thrilling experts and fans

The speech saw Dell Technologies reveal the PowerScale F910, completing their all-flash file storage lineup update

Due to high-speed data quantities and advanced GPUs, organisations must maintain fully employed AI systems that work efficiently without bottlenecks

PowerScale F910 feeds AI machines and boosts model training in an era when GPUs consume storage and data at record rates

PowerScale introduced ethernet-based NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD-certified storage, while Dell Technology's F910 improves AI-optimized storage

AI-capable output The F910 uses the latest Intel Xeon CPUs, DRAM, and Gen 5 PCIe technology to boost streaming performance by 127%

PowerScale's software-defined OneFS and APEX File Storage for AWS and Microsoft Azure simplify multicloud integration to drive AI

The 2U node architecture of the F910 maximises storage usage and provides 20% higher density per RU than Dell Technologies' PowerScale F710