Destiny 2 Final Shape: Traveller Secrets

The “Light and Darkness” story, Destiny’s first major saga, comes to a close when the Guardian and the Vanguard stop the Witness from constructing the titular Destiny 2 Final Shape

The Pale Heart, a new free roam location inside the heavenly creature known as the Traveller, will enhance the core Destiny 2 gameplay in The Final Shape

The Destiny 2 Final Shape will have a new raid that takes place in the Witness’s monolith in the Pale Heart on June 7, 2024

These include the flying bat-like enemies known as Grims, who can slow and suppress players with a sonic scream attack

The Final Shape will include some significant modifications to the Power level system

Activities will now display whether they are Power enabled or disabled. For instance, if an activity is Power enabled

More players can participate in Power-enabled activities regardless of their current Power level thanks to the Fireteam Power feature