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The smartest model from Anthropic, doing better than any other on very difficult tasks

The quickest and most compact model for almost instantaneous response from Anthropic is Haiku

Anthropic’s cutting-edge, massive language model, Claude, provides crucial aspects including cost, speed, and context window for businesses

Anthropic increased the quantity of data you may send to Claude by double, up to 200,000 tokens, which is equivalent to more than 500 pages or almost 150,000 words

Claude 3 Opus is at the forefront of general intelligence, demonstrating near-human levels of understanding and fluency on challenging tasks

Claude 3 Sonnet is two times quicker than Claude 2 and Claude 2.1 with greater intelligence for the great majority of tasks

The most potent AI model from anthropos, Claude 3 Opus (coming soon), performs very well on extremely difficult tasks

Claude 3 Sonnet is the perfect blend of speed and intelligence, especially for workloads in the workplace