Developer Efficiency Tips from DZ Bank Cloud Workstations

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Cloud Workstations offer a simple solution to standardize DZ Bank development environments because they are a fully managed service

Cloud Workstations offers different base images with pre-installed IDEs and persistent discs to store data between sessions

Google Cloud operates DZ Bank's workstations in a private cluster with private IP addresses on a shared VPC network in its secure Google Cloud landing zone

Workstation clusters with a private gateway automatically create a PSC endpoint to connect the control plane to DZ Bank's private network

After gaining access to DZ Bank’s Cloud Workstations within the Google Cloud landing area, it proceeded to modify them to suit their needs

Workstations from DZ Bank are distinctive.Every project's yaml file with automation instructions is double-checked in DZ Bank's Git repository

A cloud workstation order CI pipeline was also developed by DZ Bank

Docker images are evaluated for vulnerabilities with Google Cloud's cyber security criteria and pushed into DZ Bank's Google Cloud Artefact Registry for testing by testers and developers