Generative AI Microservices from NVIDIA

NVIDIA released hundreds of enterprise-grade generative AI microservices to help companies build unique apps on their own platforms while owning and controlling their IP

The NVIDIA CUDA platform, includes NVIDIA NIM microservices for efficient inference on over two dozen well-known AI models from NVIDIA and its partner ecosystem

NVIDIA accelerated software development kits, libraries, and tools now offer CUDA-X microservices for guardrails, data processing, HPC, RAG, and other applications

NIM microservices allow developers to cut down on deployment timeframes from weeks to minutes by offering pre-built containers

CUDA-X microservices like NVIDIA Earth-2 for high-resolution weather and climate simulations, cuOpt for route optimization, and Riva for configurable speech and translation AI to expedite AI adoption

NVIDIA NeMo Evaluator, which analyzes AI model performance, NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails for LLMs, NVIDIA NeMo Customizer

Businesses may use the NVIDIA microservices that come with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 5.0 on any kind of infrastructure

Vector search providers like as Apache Lucene, Datastax, Faiss, Kinetica, Milvus, Redis, and Weaviate are collaborating with NVIDIA NeMo Retriever microservices