Discover Google's Unmatched Efficiency with Z3 VMs

They launched google cloud first storage-optimized VM family, the Z3 machine series, last week at Google Cloud Next ‘24

They also have an industry-leading 6M 100% random-read and 6M write IOPs, an incredibly dense storage configuration of up to 409 SSD (GB) per vCPU, and a highmem configuration

Z3 is perfect for horizontal, scale-out, flash-optimized, data warehouse, and other dense storage applications

This lets you plan ahead for disruptive events and gives us better performant and secure infrastructure

Google’s Titanium system of custom silicon, security microcontrollers, and tiered scale-out offloads powers Z3 VMs

This partnership delivers Intel’s 4th Gen Intel Xeon processor and Google’s proprietary Intel IPU for increased efficiency and performance

Google Cloud’s latest block storage is Hyperdisk. Hyperdisk, built on Titanium, decouples storage processing from the virtual machine host to boost performance, flexibility, and efficiency