Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero debuted in October

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, the latest Dragon Ball game, highly anticipated for its fascinating plot, stunning graphics, and exciting gameplay

Dimps' game adds new elements to Dragon Ball while preserving its essence to keep newcomers and fans intrigued

Dragon Ball was Akira Toriyama's 1984 manga. It now includes anime, movies, and video games following decades of development

Goku and his friends defend Earth and the universe from countless foes. Fighting, superpowers, and complex plots fascinate fans worldwide

The dynamic battle system and accurate depictions of the anime's legendary fights make the “Sparking” series, known as “Budokai Tenkaichi” in the West, stand out

Players were pleased with “Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero” when it was introduced at the 2023 Tokyo Game Show

The game launches on PC, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 to cater to a large population

Modern PCs and consoles give Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero great graphics. Dragon Ball's vibrant colours, flawless animations, and realistic character models bring it to life