Era of Mobile AI in Samsung Galaxy S24 Unveils the Feature

Galaxy AI modernizes the S series by enabling barrier-free connection, awe-inspiring innovation, and more possibilities

Galaxy S series launches a new age that will transform mobile device empowerment. Era of Mobile AI enhances nearly every experience on Galaxy S24 series

Transcript Assist utilizes AI and Speech-to-Text to transcribe, summarize, and interpret multi-speaker audio recordings

Online search has changed almost everything. Galaxy S24 introduced simple, gesture-driven Circle searching with Google, a search milestone

Galaxy S24 series’ ProVisual Engine delivers Era of Mobile AI-powered capabilities that change image capture and increase creative flexibility

Edit Suggestion leverages Galaxy AI to offer precise picture edits for faster and simpler improvements

Galaxy S24 Ultra has Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform. This chipset improves NPU performance for effective Era of Mobile AI processing and is optimized for Galaxy users