Examine the AI-focused NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchips

The worldwide AI conference will include accelerated systems using NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchips from 11 manufacturers

Many of the systems have E1.S bays for nonvolatile storage, and they support industry standards for 19- and 21-inch rack enclosures

With dimensions of 450 x 445 x 87 mm, ASRock RACK’s MECAI expedites 5G and AI services in confined areas at the periphery of telecom networks

A range of MGX systems is offered by Foxconn, one of which is a 4U variant that can hold up to eight NVIDIA H100 NVL PCIe Tensor Core GPUs

Lenovo offers a selection of 1U, 2U, and 4U MGX servers, some of which are capable of direct liquid cooling

Supermicro offers a range of liquid- and air-cooled NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchips CPU systems, including the ARS-111GL-NHR with nine hot-swappable fans

Supermicro’s ARS-221GL-NR using the Grace CPU and QCT’s QuantaGrid S74G-2U and S74GM-2U powered by the GH200

GH200 systems extended the already industry-leading performance of H100 GPUs when they made their debut on the MLPerf industry benchmarks