Extra Quality, AI Studio, LLMs! Recent Translate AI advancements

Google Cloud Translation API and other recent improvements are helping firms leverage AI to accelerate translation use cases

It functions in tandem with the Translation LLM that is specific to Google Cloud.

AI-powered translation platform Smartling co-presented a Google Cloud Next '24 talk on generative AI and responsive translation

Google Cloud Specialised Translation LLM, Google Cloud now includes translation in AI Studio, making Gemini and Google Traditional translation models easy to evaluate

Google's pretrained generic translation models (NMT) translation model upgrades improve quality and reduce MQM errors in four languages

You Should use general-purpose large language models like Gemini to take advantage of the long context window or low cost at the sacrifice of throughput

The Translation LLM, honed over millions of translation source and destination segments, is ideal for translating paragraphs and articles