Face ID App Lock and Dark Mode May Change in iOS 18 Beta

Apple continues to place a high focus on security. The much-needed Face ID app lock functionality is now available in iOS 18 beta

Apple is redesigning the Privacy Dashboard to offer a more thorough understanding of the ways in which apps obtain user data

Apple is extending the capabilities of app widgets, enabling users to rearrange and resize them to create a more unique home screen experience

Apple’s virtual assistant may get an AI-powered boost. This could boost natural language processing, context awareness, and user personalization

Apple followed the WWDC keynote today with the customary release of the iOS 18 Developer Preview beta

Apple normally releases the stable iOS version in September following beta testing. The iPhone 16 series may be unveiled this year alongside iOS 18 beta

More improvements to battery life, app startup times, and general system responsiveness are anticipated in iOS 18 beta