Facilitate Medical Text Analysis on Google Cloud

Real-world evidence, or RWE, has long been a crucial part of the medication approval process according to the FDA

However, the clinical data necessary to support RWE evidence are often found in unstructured forms, such doctor’s notes, and need to be “abstracted” into a clinically organized manner

The enormous volumes of past unstructured patient medical data eventually contribute to growing storage requirements once the patient’s treatment is over

Applying serverless software components on Google Cloud for applied natural language processing (NLP) makes it possible to efficiently 

Google Cloud’s Healthcare Natural Language API, and then loads the structured json result into BigQuery using Vertex Workbench Jupyter Notebooks

Even if certain members of your team lack coding or data science experience, Vertex AI AutoML provides a machine learning toolkit

BigQuery stores data that have undergone NLP processing for further analysis and visualization

A collection of Google Cloud Storage Buckets designed to facilitate different phases of data processing