Fashion-forward fitness tracker Huawei Band 9

The exquisitely crafted glossy gilded bezel, which features laser engraving and a complex 10-layer spray coating, is sure to dazzle

The matte-surfaced watch body has a fine-grained feel and an irresistible metallic spray paint finish

Wear this 14-gram, 8.99-mm slender band to shine like a new you. It works well in the gym, workplace, and on walks.

Long-lasting, gentle on the skin Perforated sweat-wicking design. Two buckles provide a neat appearance and a secure fit

Antibacterial nylon yarn was used in the weaving for maximum comfort day and night

The ambient light sensor on the band automatically modifies the screen brightness to ensure a comfortable viewing experience

For peace of mind, monitor your heart rate, SpO2, breathing rate, and any irregular breathing while you’re asleep

Because of the new and improved HUAWEI TruSeen 5.5 system’s increased performance and stability, SpO2 measurements are also faster

With the always-available HUAWEI TruRelax monitor, you can monitor and manage your everyday struggles and practise relaxing breathing techniques