Features of XPG INVADER X BTF Mid-Tower Chassis

INVADER X BTF not only supports ATX BTF but up to ten 120mm fans, five of which are pre-installed

PC builders can create stunning, customised, and extremely powerful PCs with extra accessories that XPG also offers

INVADER X BTF improves more than simply the aesthetics of your components. It keeps them cool as well

There is space on top of this chassis for a 360mm radiator and it can accommodate up to 10 fans

Imagine managing your cables with ease! Both conventional and the cutting-edge new reverse-connector motherboards are supported by the XPG INVADER X BTF

A more ordered space awaits you as you bid the mess of cables farewell

The roomy interior of the XPG INVADER X BTF, which can hold up to 10 fans for maximum cooling performance, allows it to combat heat