FedRAMP high & moderate workloads on Google Cloud

FedRAMP High Assured Workloads let federal customers leverage enterprise-grade Google Cloud cybersecurity, analytics, AI, and more

This authorization gives government agencies new ways to take advantage of Google’s best-in-class AI capabilities in secure environments across Google Cloud

It provides an equivalent cost, speed, and innovation benefits of an enterprise-grade commercial cloud with a Software Defined Community Cloud

In 2023, the FedRAMP PMO assessed the 3PAO-supplied Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) High Readiness Assessment Report (RAR)

Assured Workloads are required for customers wishing to use Google Cloud to deploy their products in FedRAMP Moderate and High settings

The FedRAMP Moderate and High standards are supported by the logical segmentation of the in-scope compliance boundary

FedRAMP High compliance and alignment with the customer’s own ATO are made possible by the integrated security controls