Fifth expansion Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

In Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail, players journey to Tural, a continent on the other side of the sea, to take part in a succession ceremony that will decide Tulliyollal’s next leader

The two new classes in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail are the paint-based mage Pictomancer and the cunning dual-wielding class Viper

With their magical paint, pictomancers can perform spells that are both harmful and beneficial to the group

Dawntrail is set on Tural, a continent located far to the west on the other side of the sea. Southeast Asia and Latin America served as inspiration for Tural

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail was intended to be the player’s character, the Warrior of Light’s “summer vacation” following the conclusion of a ten-year tale in Endwalker

The game’s first significant graphical upgrade since its initial 2010 release was a primary undertaking of this expansion, featuring enhanced player and environmental textures

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail offers a vast, changing world of danger, mystery, and adventure