Filestore update: GKE stateful workload improvements

Fully managed file storage from Google Cloud, Filestore is a multi-reader, multi-writer solution that is independent of computing virtual machines (VMs), making it resistant to VM failures or changes

Filestore’s contemporary platform, which makes use of scale-out architecture and was created from the bottom up for performance, availability, and durability, is the foundation for Filestore’s Enterprise and Zonal (previously known as High Scale) tiers

In order to guarantee high durability inside a zone, customer data is saved twice, and Zonal provides a 99.9% availability SLA. Offering 99.99% availability, Enterprise is a regional service that duplicates the data synchronously across three zones within a region.

Google high-capacity Zonal solution with GKE’s new CSI driver increases capacity and performance linearly to match your high-capacity and high-performance needs up to 100TiB per instance.

It also has 1,000 NFS connections per 10TiB and non-disruptive updates. With up to 10,000 NFS connections running concurrently, large-scale GKE deployments and taxing multi-writer AI/ML workloads are supported

Clients can now safeguard Filestore Enterprise volumes in the same manner that they were able to safeguard their data on Filestore Basic volumes using the Volume Snapshots API.

Google’s efficient multishare instances from last year, which let users split a 1TiB instance into several 100GiB persistent volumes to increase storage utilization, are well-liked by GKE and Filestore Enterprise clients