Flex Volumes with Auto-tiering for Google NetApp Cloud Volumes

Google NetApp Cloud Volumes was introduced in August 2023 as the outcome of Google Cloud and NetApp’s engineering cooperation

Google NetApp Cloud Volumes lets you manage workloads and apps faster, migrate them to the cloud, and keep on-premises storage features and performance

Four service levels are available from Google NetApp Cloud Volumes: Flex, Standard, Premium, and Extreme

For businesses wishing to migrate VMware applications with a lot of storage to Google Cloud, NetApp Volumes is perfect

Google NetApp Cloud Volumes big volumes are currently under preview for customers running demanding workloads like electrical design automation (EDA) or high-performance computing (HPC) simulations

Auto-tiering, a new feature of Google NetApp Cloud Volumes, is currently in preview

Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s machine learning platform, can be accessed through a new toolkit in Google NetApp Cloud Volumes