For Portable Gaming, ROG Tessen Folds

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) declared the ROG Tessen Mobile Controller to be available

Tessen securely holds phones in landscape position with its left side folding down to facilitate sliding them into the controller's extended USB-C socket easy

The Tessen is made to provide mobile players with console-quality gaming experiences

18 mm tall right stick provides 22° precision control, and ergonomic hand grips are outward-stretched for prolonged gaming enjoyment

Programming the ROG Tessen's two aluminium rear paddles with the ROG button or Armoury Crate app lets gamers make complex in-game orders or combos

With a polling rate of 500 Hz, the USB-C connection guarantees very instantaneous input, allowing every command to be shown on the screen right away

The device has raised, micro triangle-textured grip markings on the back and miniature ROG insignia and slashes on its face