FSP VITA GM ATX 3.1 PSUs: PCIe Gen5.1 12V-2×6

The VITA GM (Gold efficiency & modular cable) PSU line, created especially to meet the needs of future-proof computing

Every unit in the series promises outstanding flexibility and efficiency, and is available in power options ranging from 650W to 1000W

This stylish new PSU family features premium materials and innovative, simple design elements

FSP Group’s VITA GM PSU series is designed to meet and even surpass the demands of contemporary computing

The VITA GM series PSUs priorities safety by providing a wide range of precautions, such as OVP

VITA GM PSUs are designed to withstand maximum total power excursions, hence securing its place as a reliable solution for power supply requirements

They adhere to the most recent regulations and PCIe Gen 5.1 standards, with a native 12V-2×6 connector