Future Huawei MAGICS LH long-haul microwave solutions

Due to spectrum constraints in the 6–11 GHz area, microwave solutions must combine numerous channels or frequency bands to provide ultra-large bandwidth

Installing separate antennas was necessary for the L6/U6 GHz, 7/8 GHz, and 11 GHz bands

Huawei’s MAGICS LH solution may deliver more than 20 Gbps bandwidth over 50 km, depending on the deployment conditions and bands employed

A 36-kilometer microwave link with 1.8- and 1.2-meter antennas was set up utilising the 12+12 SD scheme for the Baotou test

“Microwave has always been key to improving user experience as a critical mobile backhaul method,” stated Han Xiaodong, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Baotou

Huawei's long-haul microwave solutions, MAGICS LH, are revolutionary and cost-effective, especially in remote areas

Data is transmitted using microwave transmission, which uses radio waves in the microwave frequency range, which is normally between 1 GHz and 80 GHz