future of Generative AI work for enterprises

Generative AI uses massive text, image, code, and databases. Many task-optimized generational models use this data

To create a custom AI, innovators can feed data to OpenAI‘s GPT-3 or BERT

Legal and compliance issues, lack of insight, transparency, and regulation make generated AI unpopular in healthcare, insurance, and education

It finds and fixes code bugs and automates code testing for quality and functionality without manual testing

Generative design must be integrated into concept, manufacturing, and procurement for maximum impact

Marketing teams use this technology to analyze data, understand consumer behavior, and create engaging content like news stories and best practices

Well-designed prompts and inputs help generative models create creative emails, blogs, social media posts, and websites

Generative AI’s realistic images and efficient animation will make it the best tool for making videos without actors, equipment, or editing