G.SKILL Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5 Memory

G.SKILL is pleased to announce the launch of Ripjaws M5 RGB, a high-performance RGB DDR5 memory series

With its customisable RGB lights & matte black or white aluminium heatspreaders, the Ripjaws M5 RGB memory kit suits many PC design

It offers overclocked specifications in a range of speeds, timings, and kit capacity options, up to DDR5-6400 CL32-39-39-102 96GB (2x48GB)

Ripjaws M5 RGB has compatibility for Intel XMP 3.0 memory overclock profiles

Users can overclock the memory kit by simply turning on XMP in the BIOS and using a motherboard and processor that are compatible

RGB lights on these heatspreaders let you customise your PC’s look and fit your build’s theme

Due to their high-performance requirements and RGB lights, they will cost more than DDR5 memory

PC builders seeking high performance and visual flair may consider the G.SKILL Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5 series