G.SKILL Trident Z5 Royal DDR5 RAM 

The Trident Z5 Royal, the top of the series, has a full-length crystalline light bar and a gold or silver mirrored heatspreader

The Trident Z5 Royal brings luxury-class design to the new generation of DDR5 memory under the Trident Z5 design

Trident Z5 Royal series DDR5 memory kits offer simple motherboard BIOS memory overclocking with the latest Intel XMP 3.0 profile

RGB lighting can be customised using third-party motherboard lighting software or G.SKILL Trident Z Lighting Control

Gamers and hobbyists may like the Trident Z5 Royal Series DDR5 for great memory performance, Another option is a luxury memory package

DDR5 memory modules with RGB LEDs can show numerous colours and lighting effects

For optimal DDR5 RAM performance, choose DDR5-8400 CL40. When buying, consider compatibility, price, and availability